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About Noemi.
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About Noemi Ioppolo

Rev. Noemi Ioppolo (Mimi), an International medium, teacher and eternal student of Spirituality and Metaphysics, has devoted her life to the betterment of her Higher self and all those around her. She has been trained in various healing modalities as well as the teachings of  Edgar Cayce and Alan Kardec, along with many others who have made imprints on the Growth and Advancement in Metaphysics and Spirituality.


As a little girl, Noemi, or as she began calling herself Mimi, had an inquisitive mind for the above and beyond. She began questioning her role in life at an early age. Which led her on a journey of self discovery and Spiritual growth.  She was introduced to the Spiritual Center, The Scientific Metaphysical Basilio, in her homeland Argentina, where she learned how to channel spirits, heal through energy and mediumship.  She later began teaching at the Center before moving to the US.


On her path, she became a Reverend of the Divine Light Foundation, a Spiritualist Church and most recently a Reverend of The Universal Church of the Master. Rev. Ioppolo is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Practitioner and belongs to the Association of Energy Psychology, where she was also introduced to the works of Donna Eden (Energy Medicine) and to Barbara Brennan (Hands of Light).


With all her knowledge and experiences, for the past few years she has developed and graciously accepted the gift of helping humanity heal. She, along with her Higher Guidance, have come together as a vehicle of transforming negative to positive, dark to light, ill to well. Many have walked from her table ready to start living a life they never imagine living, full of energy, balanced and happy.